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Steps of installing the Invisible Electric Dog Fence

Do you want to keep your dog fence from folks who tend to disturb your pet? If that is your plan, you can install invisible electric dog fence so that it will be secured. Your pet will be secured even outside your house.

Here are steps that you can follow in order for you to install the invisible dog fence in your area.

Step 1: Find the Utilities

Before planning for the boundary, make sure to make a phone call to the local community and ask them to mark the pre-existing underground wires like the cable wires, gas pipes and telephone wires so that your plan of digging will not cause any problem.

Step 2: Set up the Transmitter

Your transmitter must be affixed on the dry location. You can put it at gardening shed or at the garage that has access to your electrical outlet. You should mount your transmitter to the protected place where walls that has screws and screwdriver in order to make sure that it close to the outlet if you want to plug in your transmitter. Your wire boundary should start and end on your transmitter.

Step 3: Mark the Fence Line

It would be better if you will put marks on the boundary for you to be assured that you are at the correct zone. There is also a need to mark the boundaries in your area like your equipment area or at the pool area so that connection will flow smoothly. Your transmitter should be connected at your wire boundary.

Step 4: Dig now the Trenches

If you were already done planning with your boundary wire, you can now get your tools and start digging. Dig at least 3 inches deep along the fence and a width of 1 inch only. Dig out the island trenches as well as the connecting trenches.

Step 5: Lay your Wire

Your dog will surely cross these wires, so make sure that your dog will not go anywhere by the time you are laying the wire. You can cancel your radio signal for your dog to enjoy roaming around the whole yard.

Step 6: Cover your Wire

The wire should be buried on the ground for about 1 or 3 inches. Cover the wire with the soil and firmly pack it down. You can also make use of some grass to cover it and protect it from the gardeners or mowers.

Step 7: Activate

You must have in your transmitter at least two ends of loose wire. You can now plug in the transmitter and make sure to follow the instructions of using the transmitter.

Your dog is now purely secured either you place them outside. Make sure that you were able to read all the instructions given on how to correctly use the transmitter. It is very helpful for your pet if you have installed the invisible dog fence wire in the area where you want to place your pet.

Posted by Melissa Dawson in News